How to be Effectively On The Job or Work

Regardless of your work or industry in which you work, not always have time to do everything you need during the day. As a result, you constantly feel that you are always behind. And it negatively affects your productivity.

What could be the answer to such a situation? Work more?

It’s not obligatory. So, according to research, employee productivity drops sharply after a 50-hour workweek and decreases significantly after 55 hours, while those who work more than 70 hours can no longer be

productive in these additional 15 hours. Instead of spending more extra hours at work, you can be more productive by focusing your attention on more important things. You can do this with our recommendations.

Choose the right one

You have been given a major project, of course, you begin to create a to-do list and your brain is filled with a million different thoughts in order to have everything done on time. Please note that too long and unstructured to-do lists do not help you with the tasks and you cannot be productive in the long run. This happens because you spend your time, to not on the most important tasks.

In order to be productive, you need to make a list of 3-5 tasks and highlight the most important task in it. Focus your attention on it, and then move on to less important matters. This will allow you to become more productive and less worried. For many workers, the most productive time is morning, so use this time for the most complex and important tasks.


Productivity is the result, not the time spent.

When it comes to performance, we often talk about how much time is needed to do this and do not focus on what we were able to do in a day. For example, you wrote a huge article and realized that it took you all day. But after analyzing the work done, it is worth noting that you not only wrote the article but also formatted it, structured it, which also took time. This allows you to understand that a lot of work has actually been done.

In order to understand what you did in a day and to realize your own effectiveness, you should create lists of what you managed to do in a day, this will allow you to remain motivated and you will see your work done. Such lists will also help you plan your day more efficiently.

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Attitude to work

We become more effective in the process of work, in the event that we are positively inclined. People with a positive attitude are ready to take the initiative every time an opportunity is offered. Such people are always ready to help and try to complete their tasks with maximum results.

One can rarely hear from them that they work well enough, as they are ready to go beyond. In addition, a positive attitude and a good attitude can improve work standards, it is easier for such people to make decisions and take responsibility.

Communication and communication again

In order to get the desired result, you need to use communications to the maximum. Well-established communications will allow you to eliminate the need for redoing work, you can immediately find out all the necessary data and get the right information. Try a structured approach to communication with partners and your colleagues and you will get an excellent result.

Routine is not always bad

Humans are creatures for whom habit is important. Therefore, when we have a certain procedure, it is easier for us to complete the tasks, since we do not need to think about how to complete it, we can work on autopilot. In order to be effective, you need to automate the maximum number of tasks.

When you can automate some of your everyday tasks and simplify them, you will spend less energy on them. Therefore, it is worth using the routine and your habits for the good, they can work for you and you can make decisions quickly.


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We all seem to be multi-tasking, but is that so? At that moment when we are talking about the fact that we are able to cope with many tasks at the same time, we are deceiving ourselves. In fact, we are simply able to quickly switch between different tasks.

Since we cannot simultaneously work on different tasks. Therefore, if the next time you want to become multi-tasking, you should stop. First of all, you should take a break from work and then return to it in order to remain focused on one task that you are currently performing. Once you complete one task, move on to another.

Relieve stress

It is worth noting that stress can lead to physical, emotional, and behavioral problems that will negatively affect your health and energy. That is why stress greatly interferes with your work. Therefore, you should relieve stress during work, the most effective way is physical activity, listening to music, your time spent with friends and family, various relaxing procedures. It’s good if during the working day you can go outside for a walk, meditate, do relaxing exercises.

Including another method of dealing with stress is to control it, for this, it is worth planning your next day. In order to avoid stress, try to do work that brings you pleasure. Of course, in the modern world, not every employee can perform only those tasks that he likes, but you should focus your attention on tasks that bring you satisfaction. If you have the opportunity to delegate your tasks to others, this way you can save yourself from unnecessary routine.

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